Model No. D1001.

Mediflex® Disposable Suture Grasper Closure Device.
Generally used for Trocar Site Closure, this versatile device can also temporarily tack hernia mesh in position, be used to assist in percutaneous suturing and to ligate abdominal wall bleeders. A true multi-use instrument. Sterile, 10 each per box.
Also useful for:
  •    Tacking hernia mesh in position prior to final placement
  •    Percutaneous suturing
  •    Ligating abdominal wall bleeders
Unique design securely holds suture in place better
  •    14-gauge outside diameter
  •    Enables the surgeon to rapidly close each trocar site securely and safely
  •    Simple and efficient one-handed operation
  •    Long, retractable grasping jaws to accommodate virtually any size of suture, any size of trocar
  •    Cost-effective design permits multiple trocar site closure with a single device per procedure
  •    Needle glides easily through the tissue
  •    Ergonomic finger grooves for maximum control during needle penetration and opening/closing of grasper
  •    Plunger end permits ease and control to manage grasper
  •    Single Use Disposable, 10 units per box, sterile
  •    Made in U.S.A.

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