Model No. D2001.

Mediflex® SafePass™ Suture Grasper
  • Innovative, patent pending tip design to increase patient safety against needle injury
  • Spring-loaded blunt stylet springs forward rapidly and smoothly once peritoneal cavity is entered
  • Unique grasping channel with large spring jaw provides efficient suture retrieval
  • Prevents suture fraying and breakage during application
Also useful for:
  •    Tacking hernia mesh in position prior to final placement
  •    Percutaneous suturing
  •    Ligating abdominal wall bleeders
Unique design securely holds suture in place better
  •    14-gauge outside diameter
  •    Enables the surgeon to rapidly close each trocar site securely and safely
  •    Simple and efficient one-handed operation
  •    Long, retractable grasping jaws to accommodate virtually any size of suture, any size of trocar
  •    Cost-effective design permits multiple trocar site closure with a single device per procedure
  •    Needle glides easily through the tissue
  •    Ergonomic finger grooves for maximum control during needle penetration and opening/closing of grasper
  •    Plunger end permits ease and control to manage grasper
  •    Single Use Disposable, 10 units per box, sterile
  •    Made in U.S.A.

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